Kabutocho Yoichi Night Market 2023 Recap
Kabutocho Yoichi Night Market 2023 Recap


Kabutocho Yoichi Night Market 2023 Recap

Friday 27 October - Sunday 29 October, 2023

A photo recap of the second Kabutocho Night Market held in October of 2023!

"Kabutocho Yoichi" is a town-wide event that fills the streets of the Nihonbashi Kabutocho area with food, live music, art, and shopping. Following the success of the first night market held in 2022, the 2023 night market focussed on three key areas: night market, bar-hopping, and music. Visitors were free to wander the neighborhood, touring the unique stores and contents scattered through the Kabutocho area.

Kabutocho Yoichi Night Market 

Vendors gathered on the first floor of KABUTO ONE (a new landmark of Kabutocho) to sell various lifestyle goods such as clothing, apparel, and homewares alongside food and drinks.

[Participating stores]
RYE TENDER (apparel)/norm tea house (Japanese tea) /Book Lounge Kable (books)/568Market (grocery store) /ONC MERINO (apparel)/MOTH (greenery) /SENN (cosmetics, fragrances) /DAYLILY (cosmetics, Chinese medicine) /fête(flowers) /VISION GLASS JP(glass)/NULL (crafts)/Green thanks supply (greenery)/CraftShips(crafts)/Chiaki Matsumoto(art)/Ochin(misc. goods)

Kabutocho Yoichi Bar Hop

During the event, visitors could participate in a Kabutocho “Hashigo-zake” (barhopping). Participating restaurants and bars in the Kabutocho neighborhood offered special drink menus in exchange for drink tickets purchased at the event. For one night only, guests were able to experience a truly unique barhopping experience.

[Participating Shops]
cavemanAoB by the Brooklyn BreweryNekiTOKYO CAMP Prod. PORTESTOREHuman NatureOmnipollos TokyoHeiwa Doburoku Kabutocho BreweryHOPPERSKABEATKNAGKeshikiCAFÉ SALVADORbank(in BANK)/yen(in BANK)/coin(in BANK)/Patisserie easeteal

During the night market, select streets in the area were closed off to traffic, instead making way for outdoor tables and seating, alongside food trucks.

Kabutocho Yoichi Music Fest

Music filled the area with a mixture of live jazz performances and DJs that could be enjoyed for free at many of the participating bars and restaurants in Kabutocho.

Participating Musicians
Reina Toshimitsu / Yoshimasa Otsuka / Tomohiko Kato / Takumi Nakayama / Naoto Suzuki

B by the Brooklyn Brewery
Courtney Bailey (HOLE AND HOLLAND)/YOUFORGOT/smokin’ barrels/(Timothy Really Lab. / HATOS BAR) /Chloé Juliette (HOLE AND HOLLAND)/NOOLIO (ARRROUND Wicked Sound Maker)/COMPUMA (悪魔の沼)

EDA (bal)/AbeShuhei (Encount / Vincent Radio) /Ryosuke Fukunaga (COVERCHORD / nonnative)/K404 (TRAKS BOYS / DK SOUND)/Somewhere in Tokyo DJs/YONG-BO (Paradise Nature) /Waku/HYOTA (FFKT / CMYK) /YO.AN (HOLE AND HOLLAND)

Kyohei Nishi (Neki) /YUIMA ENYA feat Shun Shun/ryosuke suda (気絶寸前) &Munacat (気絶寸前) /H&M/Haruka Hirata (Big Love Records) /Michihiko Ishidomaru

We would like to thank everyone who came: all the participating stores, musicians, DJs, and staff!
We are planning to hold this event again in 2024, please check back for upcoming announcements on Kontext.

Photo : Naoto Date