The two faces of one glass
The bar is the heart of the city

Kazuya Nishimura

Ao - Manager / Bartender

#Ao, #Ao

Even in the city where I was born and raised, there are aspects of it that I didn't know existed. Kazuya Nishimura, bartender at "Ao," a library bar on the first floor of K5 Hotel, says he first became aware of this ‘...


Dialogue of Food


caveman Full Breakfast

#caveman, #DialogueOfFood

How is a particular dish or drink created? By unraveling a restaurant’s signature you reveal the chef's personality and philosophy, their commitment to the ingredients, and even the attitude of the producers. Explorin...




Days of chasing a fashion dream
Brought back by the beauty of plants

Ito Asa

K5/KABEAT Plant Maintenance, Asa Shokubutsu

#Color, #K5, #K5

Ito Asa has spent most of her 20s working for an apparel company, after a short stint working in stage-lighting. When she ran out of energy from her uninterrupted schedule, the humble expression of plants gave her a c...



Wind storm crossing the zero distance
Man who sometimes has time to spare

Kenta Mashiko

Rapper, Chef at B


Lyrically and cynically spitting out his verses, the word "natural" fits Kenta Mashiko well. Perhaps no other rapper is as naive and shy as he is. Brooklyn Brewery's beer hall "B" is located in the basement of K5. Mas...




Music played by an orchestra named K5
A conductor that guides unique pieces

Ola Rune

Co Founder of Claesson Koivisto Rune

#ClaessonKoivistoRune, #Curiosity

The Swedish design unit Claesson Koivisto Rune consists of Marten Claesson, Eero Koivisto, and Ola Rune. Also known as "CKR", the trio is active internationally in the fields of architecture and interior design. Durin...



Book Lounge - a place of healing, of starting up, and of getting back on track

Jun Otaka・Kazuoki Tani

Academic Process Solutions Division, Maruzen Yushodo Co. (Jun Otaka) Metropolitan Center Kable Operations Team Operations Support. (Kazuoki Tani) Head of Kable Operations Team, Metropolitan Center.


Book Lounge Kable opened at Kabuto One last October, offering lunch and coffee in a space full of greenery. It has a wide selection of business books typical of the Kabutocho area. It’s run by Jun Otaka and Kazuoki Ta...



Identity guided by curiosity
Expressing the essence of an island through the tip of a brush

Daichiro Shinjo



Being on an island, surrounded by sea, the act of "moving" becomes a connection to the outside world. The isolation of an island, however, also allows for a unique culture and tradition. Daichiro Shinjo is an artist f...



Karate, sweets, and meeting a benefactor
Creating a store that connects everything

Masumi Miyagawa

Manager of Patisserie ease

#ease, #ease

Throughout her life, Masami Miyagawa has had frequent encounters with sweets and pastries. There was always a small chance that she may have missed her calling. But by giving it her all, she’s been able to work throug...



A comfortable space for neighbors to be together

Miki Yoshitake

KNAG Community Builder


When you visit, there is always someone there. With the goal of making a communal space, community builder Miki Yoshitake has created "KNAG," a cafe recently opened in Kabutocho. KNAG, which means "coat hanger" in Dan...



All that remains are encounters and eating.
A spice-led journey continues.

Kazushiro Ito

Owner-Chef, HOPPERS


When Kazushiro was a child he loved weekend dinners out with his family. During his twenties, he took off on a trip around the world and found something that he became deeply passionate about; spices. About 18 years a...



Chasing Festival Music: A History of Film, Wine, and Objectivity

mikachuu (Mika Noda)

Human Nature

#HumanNature, #HumanNature

Like a launchpad for a rocket, she’s lived her life like a detonator. Mika Noda, aka Mikachuu of Human Nature, has been blazing her own trail while focusing on her other life and making the most of it. As she welcomes...



Getting closer with customers and the city
Creating meaning through new sweets

Shohei Manago

Chef Patissier / Chef Chocolatier at ‘teal’


In the north side of Kabutocho comes a splash of blue-green. Located in the former residence of Eiichi Shibusawa, "teal" is a chocolate and ice cream store created by chef-pâtissier, Shohei Manago and owner-pâtissier ...



A place where chefs’ experiences can connect.
KABEAT is the infrastructure of Kabutocho

Hisaya Kuroki

Manager of the GREENING Planning and Operations Division

#Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #Color, #KABEAT

KABEAT is a dining restaurant where six up-and-coming chefs of the next generation supervise the creation of menus using ingredients from the best producers around Japan, with the goal of serving a wide variety of dis...



The garden of K5
A space made with plants of the four seasons

Kei Amano

Yard Works


Kei Amano is a gardener, creating spaces using only plants as his medium. He is well known for his originality and sense of style. "The Soil" in Yamanashi Prefecture, is his home base where he plots and plans projects...



Down jackets that never see the light of day
A wine advocate who isn’t afraid to take risks

Hiroki Morimoto

Manager, caveman


Sommelier and manager of caveman, Hironori Morimoto is focused on sharing his fascinations with other people. His own experiences and an important encounter as a student have helped shape him into who he is today. Now...




Music or cooking, it’s all about experience.
Thoughts from a crossover DJ.




Licaxxx is a multi-talented creator and DJ involved in a variety of music-related activities. She’s able to traverse genres with ease, with a deep curiosity bubbling away beneath the surface. Experience, she says, is ...



Inside Out.
Essence and functional beauty in the details

Daisuke Obana


In order to understand the design and uniform style of UNITED ARROWS & SONS, which was recently adopted for K5's uniforms, we interviewed designer Daisuke Obana and asked him about his past and future relationship wit...




HEART of the living dead
Half-human, half-zombie.

Seiichi Saito

President of Panoramatiks (formerly known as Rhizomatiks Architecture)


When it comes to cities, Seiichi Saito’s approach uses a mixture of architectural perspective and creative thinking. He tackles issues head-on, pulling the invisible threads of the world around him to create a clearer...



Forty years of living alongside Kabutocho,
Building a town where all roads are connected

Kiyoyuki Tsuchimoto

President, Heiwa Real Estate Co.

Since the closing of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Heiwa Real Estate has been working on the redevelopment of Kabutocho and Kayabacho, supporting the district since 1947. President Kiyoyuki Tsuchimoto, who spent 35 years at t...



Food with an air of freedom
Essence filled with taste

Takamatsu Ryohei

Neki Sous Chef


Ryohei Takamatsu, works daily in the kitchen as a sous chef at Neki, a bistro where one can enjoy authentic French cuisine in a casual setting. Throughout his life, he has followed his own guiding principle of embraci...




A place for people to mingle and relax
A certain place in Tokyo.

Takehito Nakatani

Somewhere in Tokyo


“Somewhere in Tokyo" is a multifunctional space at the crossroads of various cultures, including art, music, apparel, and food. Mr. Nakatani, one of the organizers of the space, has slowly been expanding his circle of...



Coffee culture is not black or white.
It’s more like a blue note

Masahiro Onishi


#Color, #SwitchCoffee

Coffee that is unpretentious and does not take itself too seriously. This is the type of cup that Masahiro Onishi, owner of Switch Coffee Tokyo, is in pursuit of. Without adding any color to the cup, he says, 'it may ...




A way of working; matching work and life to make every day enjoyable

Katsuyuki Honda

B Manager


From an early age, he was all about baseball, but when he graduated high school, he entered the entertainment industry. Always following a brightly lit path, Katsuyuki Honda began his career in hotels after gaining ex...



Spotlight off the stage.
The curtain call: an echo in the wilderness

Kanako Watanabe

General Manager, HOTEL K5

A spiral staircase leads to the starting point. Kanako Watanabe, who took over as General Manager of HOTEL K5 in July, was born and raised in a hotel, with most of the guests becoming her friends. She has loved hotels...



The brewer is an anchor
And the beer is the basis for new ideas

Nobuhiro Ito

Store Manager, Omnipollos Tokyo


Nobuhiro Ito arrived in Kabutocho by connecting the dots of his past. The experiences he gained from his life as a traveler led him to where he is today. What kind of future will he envision when the dots he has accum...



Layers of flavor like coatings of color
Cocktails born out of space

Soran Nomura

Producer, -Ao-


After working as a bartender in London for seven years, Soran returned to Japan, accumulating many accolades during his time at FUGLEN TOKYO. In 2020, alongside Kai Tanaka, he established Library Bar ‘Ao’ in K5, Kabut...



Does the chair or the space come first?
Gridlines drawn from the tabletop of culture

Yusuke Seki

Architectural Designer

#Curiosity, #Curiosity, #Curiosity, #Curiosity, #Curiosity

Architect Yusuke Seki was in high school when the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake struck, forcing him to bear witness to the crumbling city. During the reconstruction, his perceptions were reshaped as he made new conne...



Clean aftertaste and character enhanced by sensation and experience

Kensaku Sato

SR Roaster


Kensaku Sato is the coffee roaster for SR, a micro-roastery born in Stockholm with a Japanese branch located in Nihonbashi. The roastery is famous for its clean-tasting coffees. Sato left Japan to improve his English,...



The more local, the more global.
The intersection of city, nature, and people.

Yuta Oka, Hilo Homma, Akihiro Matsui

K5 Founders

Having spread through major cities, COVID-19 took away our daily lives and made us reconsider urban life. If the urban landscape were to change from one city to another to accommodate this new way of life, what would ...



A live restaurant experience, sealed in a patisserie cake.

Keisuke Oyama

Owner of ease, patissier


Owner and patissier, Keisuke Oyama, is well known for his creative senses. He frequently combines unique ingredients, such as horseradish and strawberries or shiso and hyuganatsu (citrus fruit), and serves take-home d...