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1F 6-7 Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Opening Hours

THU-TUE 8:00-18:00

Regular holiday WED


Offering bread with a unique aftertaste created by carefully selecting the moisture content and type of flour

BANK, a food complex created on the site of a former bank, is produced entirely by Keisuke Oyama, who also runs the Kabuto-cho pastry stores “ease” and “teal”. The bakery “bank,” which shares its name with the facility, offers a variety of breads baked with particular attention to ingredients, fermentation, and production methods.

Sourdough and breads are made with natural yeast grown at “ease,” allowing customers to enjoy the original taste and unique texture of the dough. Sweet breads and Danish breads can also be enjoyed, each with the optimal combination of dough and ingredients. The “Pan na Soft,” in which the signature sourdough “BANK” is kneaded into milk-based ice cream, is also popular. It is a unique soft ice cream with a smooth texture, the aroma of the bread, and a subtle sour and salty aftertaste.

The bakery opens at 8:00 a.m. and offers freshly baked croissants and other items from the morning. We also recommend spending time outside on the terrace before work or at lunch time with bread and sandwiches.




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