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Local and Exotic. Pub food for a new era

How is a particular dish or drink created? By unraveling a restaurant’s signature you reveal the chef's personality and philosophy, their commitment to the ingredients, and even the attitude of the producers. Exploring the story behind the cuisine, the dots that shape Kabutocho turn into lines that connect them.
Omnipollos Tokyo, the Swedish craft beer brand's first directly operated store in Asia, is featured in the sixth edition of Dialogue of Food. The restaurant features pub food with a stylish twist on junky delicacies and the brand's world-famous frozen beers.

Highly designed with pop and psychedelic tastes, and uniquely Japanese wooden architecture.This stimulating space is always crowded with people who come to enjoy the wide variety of beer flavors. “The food we serve here is decided in communication with the team in the home country of Omnipollo,” said Yuko Sawamoto, who has been the branding manager since the opening of the restaurant.

The first requirement is that it be good with beer. But basically, we are allowed to do what we want. Some people think, “This is a restaurant that makes use of a Japanese-style house, so we want to serve Japanese local food! We also want to incorporate a Scandinavian touch. In fact, we have tried so many different things in the past, such as dote-ni, takoyaki, and our winter-only oden.

The menu is renewed on an irregular basis as they search for the true “character” of the restaurant. While there are many who wish to see each dish become a regular item on the menu because of its high level of perfection, others say that the restaurant’s proactive collaboration events with Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and other genre-defying cuisines have led them to revisit the restaurant. This time, we asked them to introduce two classic pub food items that go well with beer.

●Hot dog set (chili mozza)
The hot dogs are made by slow cooking on a hot plate at the bar and are made with sausages from Tesio, an Okinawan charcuterie brand. The sausages, kneaded with chili and mozzarella cheese, are handmade from Okinawan pork and carefully formed.

“Tesio’s products are not gamy, and the umami of the meat can be felt directly,” said Sawamoto. The fresh texture and mouthwatering flavor are perfect with a crisp, cold beer.

The hot dog set is served with a side of coleslaw and large french fries. The coleslaw is made with carrots, red onions, celery, and dill, giving it a refreshing yet Scandinavian flavor. The potatoes are cut into blocks, blanched, and deep-fried to give them a hearty texture.

●Fish & Chips
Fish and chips, a typical pub food that goes well with beer, is served with a twist in the selection of fish. Traditionally, cod and flatfish are used for this dish, but according to Sawamoto, “We use nigoi and black bass from fishermen who are involved in environmental preservation activities in Lake Biwa.

Sawamoto said. The blood is drained on the boat, and the fish is then nerve-tightened to keep it from smelling fishy. Like cod, it is thick and fluffy, yet firm and delicious. Pub food that does not require any restraint in taste or flavor, and that also has a positive effect on the global environment, is sure to become a new choice of accompaniment for beer.

The two sauces served are tartar with jalapeño pickles for a tangy flavor and mashed peas with mint and lemon for a refreshing taste. The chips served with the fried fish have a soft texture that matches the fried fish while emphasizing volume. We recommend matching them with dry or sour beer while changing the mood with different types of sauces.
(The amount of nigoi and black bass caught varies from year to year and month to month, so the menu may be suspended temporarily.)

●Frozen beer
Around the summer season, one of the most essential beverages at Omnipollo is a crisp, cold, fruity frozen beer. With the beer frozen in a machine and topped with a sorbet-like beer. Many fans have become addicted to this new sensation.

“The beer has to have a certain level of sugar content to be solid, so all the frozen beers are sweet. You may be surprised to find out that it is also beer,” says Sawamoto. Bianca Peach Vanilla Protein Shake is a peach and vanilla sweetened beer with added protein (soy protein). It is a gose type of beer that uses the power of lactic acid bacteria for fermentation.” Omnipollo’s Bianca series have a lot of fruit in it, and I think it’s unusual because it’s sweet and doesn’t feel like a gose,” she says. It can be enjoyed like a dessert and has a refreshing aftertaste.

According to Sawamoto, “Frozen machines are installed in all Omnipollo stores, and frozen beer has become synonymous with the brand. The menu itself is available year-round, and is loved by those who have always loved Omnipollo,” she said. Flavors change regularly, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Another type of frozen beer served on this day, Tefnut Ice Lolly which looks like orange juice and has tropical flavors of orange and pineapple, will make you feel like you are at a seaside resort.

“In addition to developing a new food menu, we would like to take advantage of the characteristics of these beers to create a dessert-like sweet menu,” said Sawamoto. It seems that there will be something new to discover at Omnipollo every time you visit.

Omnipollos Tokyo

Yuko Sawamoto

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Yuko Sawamoto moved to California in 2001 to study Graphic Design at Otis College of Art and Design. After returning to Japan, she worked at several design firms and creative studios, and also created and organized classes on shochu at Freedom University. After working in a management team in since the launch of Nagatacho office, she has been working as a Communications and Branding Manager at Omnipollos Tokyo since 2020.

Text : Misaki Yamashita

Photo : Naoto Date

Interview : Misaki Yamashita